Welcome Thanks for visiting. Click a link above to find out more about m2m. m2m exams is located in the City of London in modern offices with excellent facilities and  helpful staff. We provide a full invigilation/proctoring service for commercial, professional,  academic and vocational examinations which need to be conducted remotely from the  examination board to exacting standards with precise supervision.  We are directly mandated by a number of examination authorities in the UK and abroad as  their designated examination centre in London and the surrounding areas. Our service is  also open to and used extensively by students studying in the UK whilst taking professional  courses with internationally recognised institutions. m2m exams provides the professional  and independent supervision of examinations expected by examination authorities.  © m2m exams.co Tel: +44 (0)20 7392 9933 Email: exams@m2m.org.uk m2m exams Complete examination invigilation/proctoring service