© m2m exams.co Tel: +44 (0)20 7392 9933 Email: exams@m2m.org.uk Tuition & Revision Service M2M has partnered with Tutor House to offer anyone requiring it, outstanding tuition and revision  services. Tutor House's expertise, coupled with M2M's facilities deliver unique learning experiences and  support services. Tutor House - Educational Solutions Tutor House is an independent tutoring company based in London. It is recognised as providing  exceptional Common Entrance, GCSE and A-Level tuition through its team of outstanding tutors - a team  of over 300 tutors, most are Oxbridge graduates with over 5 years teaching experience. Crucially, they  are teachers (not just tutors) and have all worked in schools; they are all completely up to date with the  current exam boards and subject syllabuses. Additionally, Tutor House has a team of dedicated specialists  capable of offering School and University advice, Common Entrance preparation, international student  programmes and specialist educational support, including Dyslexia.  Their consultancy team has over 60 years of educational experience.   Consultancy -  Independent School entrance and advice  UCAS application workshops and assistance A-Level and GCSE choices UKCAT and BMAT guidance and tuition IELTS and CELTA exams advice Private Tuition - Tutor House is a personal and flexible company that provides a bespoke tuition service for all clients.  They will meet with students and parents where applicable and will ensure that the best tutor is selected  for the student. They can offer full time home tuition, group weekly private tuition, exam preparation  and specialist short retake courses. Summary of Services  Qualifications in all subjects, levels and exam boards  Group tuition  Evening and weekend classes Common Entrance courses and tuition GCSE and A-Level courses and tuition Short re-take courses Pre-U re-take courses and private tuition Language courses and talks Mock exams IELTS and CELTA qualifications Workshops and 1-1 tuition for UCAS and Personal Statements Careers days On-line and e-learning options  Residential and holiday courses  Class and 1-1 tuition during Christmas, Easter & Summer holiday Educational support tuition and weekly group work, focusing on dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia  and study skills workshops What We Offer (.pdf format) - Download and Share m2m exams Complete examination invigilation/proctoring service © m2m exams.co Tel: +44 (0)20 7392 9933 Email: exams@m2m.org.uk